• Remembering the Unborn

    A place of solace and peace for individuals, families and friends

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Remember a Child

Memorialize a child with an engraving on our special Remembrance Wall. Read More

Memorial Services

Private memorial services are available to all, offering a peaceful closure to grief and loss. Read More

Help and Resources

Access to local and national support resources for miscarriage and stillborn grief counseling and abortion recovery. Read More

Financial Support Partners

Plant a financial seed with our Grow the Garden Campaign. Your financial support secures our ability to provide a beautiful Read More


Learn of opportunities to volunteer, maintain the garden grounds and provide hands-on support. Read More
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Garden Concepts

Sacramento Memorial Garden of Sacramento, California is here to provide a peaceful, quiet, natural and encouraging environment for meditation, reflection and prayer for those remembering the unborn children.

The garden is designed to provide privacy and a safe place for those visiting to grieve and find peace after their loss. We also offer a place of solace for memorial services and for placing permanent physical markers to remember the unborn loved ones.

Read the full concept of the memorial garden design


Support & Resources

Counseling Providers

Experiencing a loss is often deeply painful. Sometimes outside support is needed to help us process the grief and loss journey. We partner with many qualified and compassionate counselors, doctors and therapists who offer guidance and understanding to those seeking to heal.  Please visit our directory to find help in your area.

Learn More

After Abortion Care

Experiencing an abortion can leave the woman, man and family members with a mix of emotion. Some feel instant relief, others immediate pain (emotion and or physical) and loss. In our greater Sacramento area many can find after abortion care through individual studies, weekend retreats and counseling.  Please visit our directory to start you healing from abortion loss.

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